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Bike Rentals

Plan Your Next Cycling Adventure

Interested in trying out a new style of riding before buying? Visiting our wonderful city and want to explore our beautiful terrain on two wheels? You're in luck! We have demo units from Pivot Cycles ready for you to rent.


MTB's in our rental fleet!

Mach 4 SL

Uncompromising Performance

The all-new Mach 4 SL; a podium seeking missile from the ground up as a testament to speed without compromise. Designed to win gold and slaughter KOMs, all while delivering an otherworldly ride quality, telepathic handling, and a potent blend of acceleration and tractability. Not every day is race day; sometimes our best races are with ourselves, racing itself should have some fun thrown in to buffer the suffering, the Mach 4 SL is as versatile as it is speedy. The XC build, aimed at squeezing as much fun as humanly possible while delivering 115mm of rear travel,

Trail 429

All-Mountain Attitude, Race Bike Reflexes

The Trail 429 might well be the perfect category defying trail bike. Progressive geometry and super capable suspension give hard charging riders the tools they need to thrive in jumpy and steep terrain. 120mm of travel has never felt this plush or this composed. This very same super-refined dw-link suspension also delivers whip-crack pedal response and acceleration, aided and abetted by the strongest, lightest carbon fiber chassis we’ve ever developed. The sharp-end of the stick XC capability of this bike is eye-opening, on par with dedicated flyweight race bikes. This is a bike that you can shred with confidence everywhere from 24-hour race courses to untamed high alpine singletrack.

Switchblade Gen 3

Do Everything, And Do It Better

The new Switchblade has a slacker head angle, steeper seat angle, increased reach and a longer wheelbase than its predecessor. Size-specific chainstays are tucked in and responsive but grow incrementally longer on larger frames. This translates to added stability at warp speeds while still maintaining the snap and pop that is ingrained in the Switchblade's DNA. The new Switchblade is light enough to pedal all day, but stout enough to run a Fox 38 without any worries. You can spin this rig up into jagged high places, and it is burly enough, composed enough, planted enough and smooth enough to smash every line all the way back down, laughing the whole way.

eMTB's in our rental fleet!

Shuttle AM

An All-Mountain All-Star

The Shuttle AM doesn't shy away from touting itself as an all-mountain masterpiece that dominates the realm of e-mountain performance. This awe-inspiring e-bike strikes the perfect chord, delivering an unmatched blend of lightweight agility and long-travel prowess that hits the all-mountain sweet spot. Crafted to be the ultimate all-mountain machine, the Shuttle AM comes equipped with everything you need to conquer any trail on the mountain. Powered by the latest Bosch Performance drive systems, all Shuttle AM models deliver class leading performance. With a long-lasting battery, the Shuttle AM provides ample range, allowing you to explore more trails and go the extra mile, or ten.

Reserve Your Bike

While we do accept walk-ins, contacting us ahead of time to make your reservation is the best way to ensure that we have a bike ready for you in the correct size and style as soon as you arrive at our shop.

Call Ahead

Call ahead to check availability

Preferred bike frame size and rider weight

Pedals: Flats, SPDs, CrankBrothers or BYO

Pick Up

$90 per day (up to 3 days)

For rentals longer than 3 days, $45 per day after the first 3 days


Return Equipment

Leave any relevant tech notes

(Dream of New Bike Day)

Rental Requirements

  • A valid form of identification
  • A current credit card matching the provided identification
  • $2,000 credit card pre-authorization per bike at the time of pick up


Small Mach 4 SL Soon!

Medium - Mach 4 SL

Team XX SL

Large - Mach 4 SL

Team XX SL

Small Trail 429 Soon!

Medium - Trail 429


Large Trail 429 Soon!

Small Switchblade Soon!

Medium - Switchblade


Large - Switchblade


Extra Large - Switchblade


Medium Shuttle AM Soon!

Large - Shuttle AM


Contact us to schedule your bike rental today.

Did You Fall in Love?

If you rent a bike and decide that you can’t live without it, we’ll gladly put a limited number of rental fees towards the purchase of a new bike.